26 Years of Experience in the MS State Senate

Served as Chairperson of the Senate Highways and Transportation Committee from 2012, to present. As Chairman he has been a strong advocate for increasing funds for the State and Local transportation infrastructure system. 

State Lottery

Played a major role in getting the State Lottery passed which will provide approximately $200,000,000.00, annually for our State and Local infrastructure needs.


Parks Road



Secured $4,000,000.00 to upgrade and repair Parks Road in Drew, MS.

Highway 8 at Cleveland

Secured $1,000,000.00 to upgrade and repair Highway 8 at Cleveland, MS.

Terrace Landing

Secured $1,000,000.00 to develop a docking ramp and park at Terrace Landing on the Mississippi River at Rosedale, MS.

Park at Rosedale

Secured funds to rehab the Park at Rosedale and make it more “family friendly”.

Highway 82, bypass at Leland, MS

Secured 10 million dollars to continue to build Highway 82, bypass at Leland, MS.

Grammy Museum in Cleveland

Secured funds to add a turn lane on Highway 8, at the Grammy Museum in Cleveland.   

McKnight Road in Renova


Secured funds to improve McKnight Road in Renova from Highway 61 to North Bayou Road.

Boyle to Hadley Street in Cleveland

Secured 4.2 million dollars to upgrade Highway 61 from Boyle to Hadley Street in Cleveland.

Highway 49 at Belzoni

Secured lights on Highway 49 at Belzoni to improve safety.

Salaries & Program Upgrade for ASU, DSU, JSU, MUW & MVSU.

Secured funds to increase staff salaries and program upgrade for ASU, DSU, JSU, MUW and MVSU.

Highway 49 West & 49 East in Yazoo City

Secured signs at the intersection of highway 49 West and 49 East in Yazoo City to highlight and direct travelers to Belzoni.

Highway 82 at MVSU

Secured safety lights on Highway 82 at MVSU to improve safety.

Truth in Sentencing

Led the charge and changed the “Truth in Sentencing” law which has saved millions of dollars for the Department of Corrections and the State.

National Democratic Party Platform

Introduced and successfully had the National Democratic Party Platform Committee to adopt a “Poverty Eradication Initiative” for President Obama’s Administration.

B.B. King Museum

Fought for and supported securing funds for the B.B. King Museum at indianolia, MS.

Medicaid For Senior Citizens

Fought to protect and adequately fund Medicaid for our senior citizens.

Mid Delta Empowerment Zone

Organized the Committee that received 40 million dollars for the Mid Delta Empowerment Zone in Bolivar, Humphries, Holmes, Leflore, Sunflower, and  Washington counties.

Fannie Lou Hamer’s Cancer Facility


Secured $300,000.00 for the Fannie Lou Hamer’s Cancer facility in Ruleville, MS.


Highway 552 at Alcorn State

Secured 4 million dollars to enhance Highway 552, at Alcorn State to move traffic on and of campus.

Alcorn State University

Secured funds for an ambulance for Alcorn State University.  

Lakeland/Highway 25

Secured funds to continue the enhancement on Lakeland/Highway 25 in Hinds and Rankin Counties.

Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Jackson, MS

Secured $3,000,000.00 to repair the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Jackson, MS.

Bolivar County Port

Secured funds to add a lane at the Bolivar County Port to allow for better traffic flow.

Highway 14, in Sharkey County

Secured 11 million dollars to enhance and improve Highway 14, in Sharkey County.

Fire Engine At Alcorn State University

Secured funds for a fire engine for Alcorn State University.

Teachers Pay Raises

Supported pay raises for teachers and state employees.

State Employees

Defeated House Bill 974, that would have removed all State Employees from under the State Personnel Board during the 2017 Regular Session.

Department of Corrections Employees

Fought to protect MS Department of Corrections employees.

Coahoma Community College

Fought for and created a district for Coahoma Community College.

Highway 552 To Alcorn State Campus

Secured funds to four-lane Highway 552 from Highway 61 to Alcorn State campus.

Mound Bayou Sweet Potato Growers

Secured funds for the Alcorn State University’s Small Demonstration farm in Mound Bayou. 

Alcorn State’s Small Farm Loan

Secured funds for Alcorn State’s Small Farm loan and grant program.

Protected State Employees

Fought against and protected State employees from being removed from under the State Personnel Board.